Sunday, July 31, 2016

Last Week at the MTC before heading to Papua New Guinea!

The real adventure starts tomorrow when Darnel and 3 other Elders from the mainland USA leave for the next 23.5 months for unbelievable and unimaginable experiences as they find GOD's children and bring them the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Their District

One of his BFF's and his future BYU roomate
Elder Apelu and Elder Taeoalii
(Elder T left this week for Kentucky)

Elder Apelu at the Provo Temple

Elder Apelu

The PNG Elders standing in front of a picture of Missionaries baptizing in PNG
Elder Uluave, Elder Pili, Elder Apelu, Elder Wilson

Their District

Elder Apelu napping

Friends for 7 years Elder Apelu and Elder Cox
(Elder Cox is going to Indianapolis Indiana Spanish)

Here is Elder Darnel Apelu's final update about the MTC. 

Week 3 

  Hey everyone! It's Elder Apelu here!

        First and foremost I am having an absolute BLAST here at the MTC! I have learned so much here, and I feel like I really am coming closer to my Heavenly Father! My testimony has grown, as I have seek to Obtain the word, and THEN declare it! We have had some amazing things happen since last friday and I want to start with the Nashville Tribute Band.

       It's pretty much the Duck Dynasty family, without the beards, singing songs about Joesph Smith, Jesus Christ, and Missionary Work. THEY WERE AWESOME! It was so hard not to clap for them, (because it was the sunday devotional and we can't clap and cheer and stuff) but man you guys should listen to them! They were awesome! 

     Last week I reported that we had committed two people to Baptism. Lisa and Nelson. Well I am glad to report that we had one more man commit to Baptism: Bubba! Bubba, and this is to quote him, "has been Gang Banging since 5 years old' cuhhh!" and man his story was crazy! He gave up the gang life, ran here to SLC, and began working. He had such a hard working attitude, and by "fate" he met Blake Murdock, and Brother Murdcok gave him a job. Bubba's wife is a member, and he wanted to meet with the missionaries, and Elder Wilson and I have been teaching him slowly. He is such an awesome guy, and you can hear more about his story on or google Bubba's Mormon Message! 

     Things are going great, as a district we have grown so close, and grown so strong. Our final class we taught our teacher, who was RPing as an investigator, and as we taught her about the Restoration, she cried, she was so proud of the missionaries we had become! 

   I can't wait to get out to Papua, I met a sister from Port Moresby and man she was soooo happy to see us going to Lae, saying that: "We have so much work for us to do there!" I was hyped!!!! 

      One funny thing: with no cellphone around, we really got into the habit of flipping water bottles, haters will say it's fake but.... hey!

     I love you guys so much! This Gospel is so true, and I want all of you to read Alma 34, 3rd Nephi Chapter 11, and 2nd Nephi chapter 31! They have helped me grown happier, and grown stronger with my relationship with Christ! 

     Until next time (or maybe two years)

          Elder Apelu

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