Wednesday, August 3, 2016

To The PNG

Elder Darnel Apelu and the other three Elders heading to PNG on Monday, August 1st got to write us one last email.
PNG Elders with the flag at the Provo Temple
Elder Uluave, Elder Wilson, Elder Apelu, Elder Pili

Elder Apelu at the Provo Temple with the Papua New Guinea flag

Elder Apelu and his G.O. F.O.R.T.H he learned from Coach Pala at Taylorsville

Elder Wilson and Elder Apelu
Companions & both heading to PNG

Elder Barlow (Taiwan) Elder Apelu (PNG) Elder Cox (Indiana)
Taylorsville High School Friends

 Hi everyone! Elder Apelu here, and I am so excited to say that in a few short hours, I leave the MTC, and began a looooooonnnnnnnggggggg day of flying to Papua New Guinea! Praying to Heavenly Father has allowed me to feel safe, confident, and ready to go out and Serve the people of Papua! Man, I seriously can't believe how much I have been able to grow here at the MTC, the experience is totally worth it! I have been able to love so many people here, in such short few weeks, and my District has turned into a family of brothers and sisters in the gospel, I love them so much, and can't even begin to express how grateful, and blessed I am to have had them here.
      There really isn't much more for me to say since I got to the MTC, one thing I did leave out was: I learned a language while I was here! Two of them! The first being, the Language of the Spirit, and that was something I have preyed every night for, but I am so blessed to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost! It allows me to teach better, because I am able to speak the words the LORD wants me to speak, I am so blessed to have it.
     The second language? Ibish! It's a secret language that some of the Elders have been taught by one other elder here, and we learned it so quick and we speak it so fast, and well that it drives our teachers, and the sisters, insane! Hahahahah, I love my District Elders, they are some of the best men ever! Same with the sisters, they've become my little sisters, and I have been so blessed to be their District Leader! 
    Well.... what do I write now? I guess you're gonna have to wait for next week(or next month.... maybe six) until you hear about my wonderful adventures in Papua New Guinea! Until then, Gut Bye! 

     Elder Apelu​

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