Sunday, July 31, 2016

Elder Darnel Apelu Week 2 Update from the MTC

I seem to be running a week behind on Darnel's MTC emails. Here is the email from his 2nd P-day in the MTC. 

 Hi everyone! Elder Apelu reporting with some great success! 

         This week started off really amazing! Sunday night we watched the Character of Christ, a special devotional that is, "only shown at the MTC!" It's actually not and you can find it on your local Youtube channel, and it's really amazing! The greatest part about that video was the end, because guess who made an unannounced special visit? 

      David A. Bednar! It was amazing, he answered a lot of my questions about Missionary Work and what I have to do to be a better Missionary. Ths really brought me to my knees in prayer, and I find myself praying like twenty plus times a day. It's awesome and the spirit is super strong here at the MTC!

    Elder WIlson and I began teaching some investigators, we taught two: Lisa and Tristen. Lisa is a single mother who is Catholic but had some doctorine questions, and Tristen is a college student who wanted to understand more about the Latter Day Saints. 

     Teaching both has been very difficult, and very inspiring. We got Lisa to commit to be baptized! She loves us, mainly because we sing to her every lesson, a song that is about our lesson! We made her cry when we sang about the savior and his atonement. Tristen has had a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon, and we told him to apply it's teachings to his life, he accepted, acted on faith, and has seen his life change. He too has accepted our invitation to be baptized! 

    I can't wait to get to PNG and teach these people the happiness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 

        I'll see you all next Friday! Much Love!

          Da Kine- Elder Apelu. 

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